Piye Carane Maen Texas Hold’em Poker

Lek…nek kowe biasa maen, mesti ra gumun karo sek jenenge dolanan poker. Rai2 maen ki ketok. Sik dino2ne ceki karo gaple yo podo.

Ki lho lek, ono buku. Diwoco. Ojo mung maen wae. Pisan2 moco buku ben lek pinter. Judule, How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker. Nek ra ngerti boso Inggris urusanmu. Sek penting delok gambare wae. Tp raono gambar cewek ning kene. Soale dudu buku sepep.


cek TPK dimari lek.


One Response to “Piye Carane Maen Texas Hold’em Poker”

  1. In honor of the games popularity the Poker stars chip company
    has made the 200 Texas Holdem Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case for all those Texas Holdem fans
    and fanatics among you. Its storage capacity is up
    to 64 GB with an OLED Screen. I have seen Aces cracked more
    times than I can remember by another reckless player because
    the player with the Aces threw caution to the wind
    and raised all-in against 4 other players who have already called a big raise and are in the hand very heavily.

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